Next Course Dates

18th August

25th August

27th August

1st September

Module 1 -

  • Wednesday/Thursday at GLCC
  • Introduction / Basics
  • Hand out work booklets
  • Showcase cameras
  • Questions
  • Long Exposure
  • Night time / tripod
  • Hyperlapse on motorway

Module 2 -

  • Wednesday/Thursday at GLCC
  • Macro models / food / object
  • Take a photo of the other photographer/ Basics
  • Editing
  • Adobe lightroom and phone teaching

Module 3 -

  • Saturday at Studio
  • Studio - One on one
  • Portfolio shoot w/ model
  • Create pair and shoot Outdoor / Landscape
  • Challenges that they have

Module 4 -

  • Wednesday/Thursday at GLCC
  • Edit final photos
  • Presenting final photos
  • Final questions

Photo Course

Class Size - 16 People
Cost - $460
Time - 4 Week Period / 3 Hours Per Session


Course Includes

Camera Basics

Learn how to master your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, learn the settings and how they work in relation to your photography, you will also receive our cheat sheet so you will never forget.

Long Exposure Photography

Learn the dark art of long exposure photography, this will teach you a number of things including how light works and how the camera takes in light and colour, you will get to create some stunning landscapes from this segment.

Food Photography

Learn how to shoot food and using the correct lighting to make your still life and food pop, this is great for all occasions and will really make your Instagram feed pop!


We will run you through how flash's and strobs work, what they do, when you need them and how to make them work with your camera, we will also teach you about modifiers and what they do.

Editing & Grading

The other main area of photography is editing and grading, this we think accounts for 50% of the overall photography package and is a cruitual part of photography you need to learn, you will learn how to grade and receive free presets to help you on your way. We will look into Lightroom and Photoshop.

Studio Photography

After learning about lighting you will get to experience a 1 on 1 with Jared in the studio where he will run you through reference imagery and pre production before shooting and then how to light your scene with a model. You will be able to use these stunning images in your portfolio.

Meet Jared